Guitar Recital

by Juuso Nieminen

Works by Giuliani, Sor, Diabelli, Aguado, Paganini


Juuso Nieminen has performed at various events and concert series in Europe and the USA, and won several first prizes in international guitar competitions. To name a few: Heinsberg, Germany, 2005, 1st prize, Creta, Greece, 2004, 1st prize, “Michele Pittaluga” contest, Italy, 2003, 2nd prize, Markneukirchen, Germany, 2003, 2nd prize, Coria, Spain, 2002, 1st prize, “Julian Arcas” contest, Almeria, Spain, 2001, 2nd prize, Sernancelhe contest, Portugal, 2001, 1st prize, Forum Gitarre Wien festival competition, 2001, 2nd prize, Forum Gitarre Wien festival competition, 2000, 2nd prize, Trofa, Portugal, 2000, 1st prize, Gargnano, Italy, 1999, 2nd prize, Scandinavian Guitar Festival, 1998, 1st prize.

Nieminen has studied guitar playing under Timo Korhonen and Ismo Eskelinen at the Turku Conservatory of Music during the years 1998-2001, and from 2001 at the Sibelius Academy under Jukka Savijoki and Jyrki Myllärinen. He has participated in many master courses taught by David Russell, Marco Socias, Eduardo Fernandez, Zoran Dukic and Alvaro Pierri, among others.

Concert in Valkeakoski Chamber Music Hall/Ponce, Rodrigo, Bach, Villa-Lobos 
“Freshly played guitar classics. A truly superb performance by a young artist who is surely one of our greatest promises, even by international standards" - Jarmo Tuominen, critic

Concert in Pernaja Church/Manuel de Falla, Bach, Sor, Brouwers, Ponce, Britten
“Brilliant guitar soiree in Pernaja church. Having witnessed the “Sibelius-days”-festival, I thought I had heard the very best that the 2004 East Nyland musical scene could offer, but Nieminen's concert was the dot over the i, the cream in my coffee, a cold beer after the sauna. In technical terms, the young chap can only be described with the well-worn word virtuoso, which does seem rather poor after Wednesday’s fireworks. The concert program likewise proved Nieminen’s ability to smoothly move between different musical styles and periods like a fish in water, remaining true to each style. He makes full use of the guitar’s expressive range, e.g. colour, volume and nuances, making the music continuously interesting" - Kimmo Havela, critic

Concert in Pirkanmaa Music Institute/Bach, Rodrigo, Ponce, Britten
“Juuso Nieminen - virtuoso. The performance was simply natural and easy, genuinely felt and unconstrained by the instrument. The competition piece by Bach made an everlasting impression on me. I have never heard Bach played on a guitar in such a way. It sounded like the entire piece did not contain a single technically difficult passage. The music simply flowed" - Antero Laurila, critic.